The change within

Hello again, beautiful people.

My Australian Giant Loop ended just few weeks ago, but feels like I’ve been in the city loop for years.
It’s time to plan something new and to work on the post processing of all the media collected in the past 8 months.
Trust me when I tell you that it’s a lot of work.
It’s mind blowing to see everything again; It’s just incredible.
I’m pretty much revisiting all the emotions that i felt in those places; all the beautiful beaches and gorges i walked upon…
They are back again, in front of my eyes, in digital form this time.
What a marvellous adventure and what a great time I had. Simply priceless.
Australia is really a great country.
Exploring it, in its totality, really put me in touch with myself and in complete harmony with nature at the same time.
It may look that I solely just had few hair and wrinkles extra on my face, after these 7 months on the road, being exposed to the elements in such way, but there’s more that meets the eyes.

The real change can’t be seen.
It may be possible to “feel” it…to sense it…looking into my eyes, but cannot be seen.
Everything I knew, changed.
All the doubts that I had, before my trip, are now gone, leaving space to a clear mind.
Clear, like pristine waters.

I just changed.
And the funny thing is that, while I was on the road, It was hard to metabolise all that change in me because I never really had a point of reference to compare it with.
So, my arrival in Sydney, was certainly one of the most overwhelming experiences I had in my adult life.
I finally had the chance to see myself and everything that belonged to my life prior to my departure.
So many internal conflicts and so many ethical pillars that have been completely knocked down, like a house of cards blown away by the wind.
Everything had to be reevaluated, relabelled, reassessed.
And It all happened in an instant.
Something that my simple brain didn’t quite like much.
It may have looked easy to foreign eyes, to come back to my starting point and enjoy the fruits of my triumph, but it was instead an absolutely terrifying experience.

On top of this, I felt also “imprisoned” by a city that has an incredible amount of cars, lights, speed cameras and things going on.
I felt like a wild animal being caged.
Paradoxically, I felt more relaxed crossing crocs infested waters in the middle of nowhere than driving through Sydney city centre.

37000 km of incredible adventures and freedom made me become a socially handicapped person.
Which I believe is quite normal, I have to say.
The privilege of being free is something that has to be earned with a lot of effort.
Most of the people think they are free but they are not.
They always depend on something or somebody.
And this is my ultimate point. My most precious goal.
Which I’m still yet to experience, I believe.
Experience pure freedom.

Anyway, as quick snippet of what I’m doing, I decided to release my first video, that is a collage of “selfies” that I took along my journey, just to see the changes that my facial features were subjected to, consequentially to all the adventures.
The result is pretty funny I have to say.
Beard growing, some sleep deprivation showing, some great places in the background popping up, some happy moments, some sad ones, some profound instants and some silly ones….
…overall this is a just a short video to shows that somehow, we don’t think about the fact that EVERY DAY we change a little.
Even if we do the same kind of life, nothing can’t stop time and changes.

enjoy it (fullscreen) and embrace the change, people!
Share it and let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “The change within

  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Paolo. I also enjoyed reading your “self change observations’. Great video and I’m looking forward to more.

  2. Amazing! Mind blowing and incredible! Fascinating to see your change and wonder in your eyes. I admire your strength and courage to go so deep within yourself to reach that sense of stillness. I can only say that you have uncovered the secret to lifes true meaning. One with oneself. I believe we have different soulmates during our lifetime and they don’t particularly have to be romantic ones at that, more like you share a kindred way of thinking and being. Perhaps even searching for the same things. To me you are one of them. In 2009 our paths crossed and I felt a change within, I thank you for that. Because today I get to be that person I once dreamt I would be. Thanks for sharing your journey! Mine is just getting started. Peace love and understanding! Your friend from a far, B

    • Ciao Bianca.
      your words warm my heart and make me happy.
      I completely agree with what you say and I thank you for sharing those words with me.
      I think that some people are meant to bump into each other for a specific reason.
      You helped me in the same way to overcome some fears and inhibitions that were haunting me during that time.
      What a fantastic time we had over there and in your hometown!
      Thank you so much for that, once more.
      I’m very happy to see your life unfolding the way you always wanted it and I’m sure that the future will be equally amazing for you.
      Please don’t stop to be that “puppy in a box”.

      Big hugs.

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