Fitting Unifilter on KTM 1190 Adventure

Dear friends,

just few days left before my departure and the pressure and the excitement to start this incredible journey are taking over my concentration from my every day routine.

Because of the timing, I may have to work till the very date of leaving Sydney, so everything will become more and more hectic the more i’ll get close to that.

The most important thing that i needed for my trip, was my motorbike; fortunately i sorted that out last month, as i briefly described it in my previous post.
Obviously, even this incredibly simple and practical event, had to be planned and deeply scrutinised before coming to its realisation.
There are plenty of motorcycles and there are plenty of variables to consider, when buying a new steel horse; so usually this subject gets underestimated by the general observer, that is instead more captivated by the main objective of the whole adventure…..that is to deeply explore Australia.

So, here she is, my gorgeous motorbike.

KTM 1190 AdvKTM 1190 Adv

I named her BRONTE, in honour of this beautiful town I live in.

A bike like this has been conceived to overcome any possible obstacle and to resist to any possible challenge; although, she will be required to attend to some slight modifications to be able to accompany me on a trip of this magnitude.

The first change that had to be implemented, was the Air Filter replacement.
It is in fact known that this bike has a slight issue once in contact with Australian sand, and apparently i’m going to encounter A LOT OF IT, during my trip.
Because of it’s particular formation and consistency, australian deserts is made of some of the finest micro particles in the planet, and apparently my Austrian Steed doesn’t like those that much.
Or actually, she likes those so much that you can find an Airbox full of it after a regular ride on the beach or in the dirt, causing a lot of problems in the long run and a general deterioration the engine life span.

For this simple reason, I had to fit this highly recommended Air Filter, produced by an australian based company, called Unifilter.
This oiled and spongy filter replaces the stock paper one that is anyway very good for general and most common use; other than the filter itself, the package comes with two red (in this picture black) spongy cones that will be fitted on the front side air intakes and the squared base that goes between the Airbox and its lid. All this comes pre-oiled.
Because of the nature of the motorcycle, I had to remove the gas tank to fit this part; quite an adventure itself, i have to say!
Usually street motorcycles have an easier access to the airbox, but not this one.

Taking the bike apart was quite straight forward.
Parts slide off pretty easily and it’s fairly intuitive to understand how to fit them back on; the only difficult part is to take the tank out, with 10 litre of gas in it.
Obviously not the smarter move to start with, but hey, you can’t always wait for the perfect moment.

The other part that I found quite challenging was to fit the squared sponge between the base of the airbox and its lid. There’s in fact a small hose with a clamp that sits at the base of it and it’s hard to place the sponge in position, having oiled hands, pushing the lid in his lodgement and holding the restrainer clip, that sits on the base hose, with a pliers.

You basically need an extra hand, or some very strong long teeth to be able to put the lid back in.

There was a very helpful video that i watched before starting my operations, that facilitated my journey into this. Click here to watch it.
A couple of add ons to the mentioned video are: once the 3 screws (one at the top and 2 on the side) are undone, you can take the tank off; no need to unscrew the crash bar ones. Second, you just need to unplug ONE fuel vent hose that is linked to 2 at the top of the tank, and not 2 like the guy says.

That’s it for this part of the initial set up!
Next one will be the fitting of the Skid Plate and the rear luggage rack.

stay tuned!



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